Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Please watch the short 46 second video below, then call me and simplify your life!

(Correction:  $25 free, not $15)


Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

My name is John Porter.  I'm the owner (and operator) of "At Your Door Dry Cleaning".

I started my service back in 1992 after 5 years as a high school teacher here in Jacksonville.  30 years later... still here!  (Where'd that time go?!)


#1.  If my service eliminated your chore of going to and from the dry cleaner... and if it was FREE... would you consider giving it a try?

#2.  Would $25 in FREE dry cleaning help you say "Yes" to giving it a try?

I hope so!  Since you have waaaay better things to do than lugging your clothes around, why not?    😊

I promise a few things to you:

  • Excellent quality dry cleaning (Job #1!)  
  • Personal and reliable twice-a-week service
  • Same... or lower... prices as what you pay now to take and pickup yourself

HOW DOES IT WORK?  Simple.  I drive by your home twice-a-week on your pickup/delivery days.  If you have cleaning to go, you leave it out by your front door.  I pick it up and deliver it back to you a couple of days later... beautifully cleaned, pressed, packaged.  That's it!

Call me to get started!

  John    904-568-0119  (call or text)  

PS: You'll pay only for the cleaning you use.  My prices are at or below what you're paying now to take it and pick it up yourself. 

Q: Which 2 days will you come by my house?
A: Depends on where you live.  I have 2 routes... a Monday/Thursday route and a Tuesday/Friday route. Generally speaking, if you live north of Beach Blvd your schedule is Monday/Thursday.  South of Beach Blvd = Tuesday/Friday.

Q: What do I do when I have cleaning to go?
Simply put it out by your front door on your pickup/delivery days.  No need to call me or text me.  Have it out by 9:30 AM and I'll take it from there.

Q: Do I have to use you twice-a-week?
A: Definitely not!  I'll come by your house those 2 days each week, but you only put cleaning out when you need to.  If cleaning is out, I stop and pick it up.  If no cleaning is out, I keep going.  (Unless I have a delivery for you, of course!)

On the Mon/Thurs route... Monday pickups are delivered back to you on Thursday.  Thursday pickups are delivered back to you on Monday.

The Tuesday/Friday route works exactly the same way.

If you use the service twice-a-week, great!  If you use it once-a-month, great!  Whatever works for you is what works for me.

Q:  What if I'm not home?
A:  My clients are very often not home when I come by... and even if they are I quickly and quietly pickup and deliver to the front door area without interrupting them.  I rarely see my clients, but am always happy to!

Q: How do I pay?
A: I'll leave a statement at your house the first pickup/delivery day of each month that details your usage the previous month.  You can pay by leaving a check with your next pickup, or by mail.

And remember... you are paying ONLY for the cleaning you use, NOT for the pickup and delivery.  That's always free.  Always has been, always will be.  No gimmicks or hidden charges.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes.  I can set you up on AutoPay and charge your card each month.  You will still receive the detailed statement each month, but it will be marked "PAID".

Q: When can I start?
A: How about now?!  😊  Give me a quick call at 568-0119 and I'll get you set up!

I promise to take great care of your family's clothes, and to make your life a little bit simpler to boot!

What do my clients think about the service?  Here's what a few have to say...

"John Porter has been our cleaner for almost 20 years.  No trips to the dry cleaner and simple monthly payments make life easier.  Once you try At Your Door you will be totally satisfied." - E.M., Glen Kernan

"The service we receive from John Porter and At Your Door is always high quality.  John is always responsive to any requests.  Add to that the value of not having to "schlepp" clothes around, and pricing that is better than you can find in the retail market, and it's simply hard to beat."  - T.O., Queens Harbour

"Can't get much better than this.  Thanks John!"  - L.A., Jax Golf and CC

"Thank goodness for John and At Your Door service.  Now it's as easy as placing our laundry at the front door, and retrieving it off the doorknob all beautifully done.  The quality of his cleaning is unmatched in my opinion!  And with the ability to set up automatic payments each month - there are truly no worries or stress."  - S.S., Jax Golf and CC

"Always dependable, always friendly, always CLEAN!"  - M.C., Queens Harbour

"At your Door is dependable and has been a great time saver.  John is always smiling!"  - G.N., Queens Harbour

"It is one less item on my To Do list every week.  Thanks for a great service John."  - G.J., Glen Kernan

I'd be grateful to be given the chance to simplify YOUR life!!    Call Today: 568-0119

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